Alasca: Classes and Values

Published on 2018-08-31.
  • class: reference type
  • value: value type, immutable

  • classes and values have one or more constructor fields, they are the only way to introduce state into a class or value:
class Person(name: String)
value Car(make: String, year: Int32)
  • classes are final by default, can only be extended with @open (values are always final):
class LivingThing
class Cat extends LivingThing
  • class fields can be mutable (value fields cannot):
class Weather(var niceness: Float64)
let weatherToday =
weatherToday.niceness = 0.8
  • classes and values can extend zero or more traits:
trait Name
	fun name: String
value Pet(petName: String) extends Name
	let name = "Sir " ++ petName
  • trait funs can be implemented by lets:
class Person(name: String) extends Name
	let name: String = "John" 
  • trait members can also directly implemented with constructor parameters:
value Pet(name: String) extends Name